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Corporate Overview

Our Mission: The mission of Clifton L. Smith, Inc. is to meet the needs of our clients in the knowledge utilization businesses for comprehensive and integrated management and organization change/development technologies which will help them to delight their customers, their employees, and their suppliers.

Our Fundamental Beliefs and Technical Approach: We believe that all organizations are uniquely designed to achieve the results they get. If the leadership determines it will change those results, it must change the design of the organization. In our practice, we have found three pathways essential to disaggregating a large system organizational change intervention into its component parts for making it manageable:

Those are organizational assessment, organization design, and performance management. We endeavor to transfer technology in the use of these pathways to our clients who must first agree on a set of critical goals to be achieved. Then we help clients to aim at those goals, using management training/development surgically to attain that set of desired results.

Our History: Founded in New Jersey in 1987, the firm was chartered as a corporation to provide management and organization development consulting, human resources, and career management services.

Since then, the firm has maintained long term relationships with small, medium and large sized businesses. Now headquartered in Chicago Illinois since 2006, the firm will continue the strengthening of its core competence and corporate capability.

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